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At you can find and play the latest rugby and American football games. Discover the football games which are mostly played by the other people. Find numerous sorts of free American football games, such as – rugby football games, NFL games, rugby kicking games and many other fantastic games related to this beautiful sport. While you will play the games, you will feel like you are indeed involved in a real match and you will need to choose the strategies which you will use to bring victory for your team.

Are you ready to enter the rugby hall of glory? Get the ball and begin running, handling, kicking and tossing more than ever before! Score the winning touchdown and become a popular American football player star!

 1. Axis Football League

axis-football-league-1 axis-football-league-2

It’s another season in the Axis Football League, and you have the control in your hand of your most favorite team. So, just call the plays and fix up your own formations to use the best of your team while taking advantage of the limitation of the other teams.

You can easily control your players with the arrow keys and use the mouse to lead your team to the victory. Can you be the best among all competitor players and take part in the hall of fame?

 2. Speed Back

speedback-2 speedback-1

It’s a quite amazing American Football flash game. All you need to accomplish in the game is to- make your way through the field into the final zone before anyone can tackle you. You will receive an extra life each time you will score three touchdowns.

 3. 4th and Goal 2016

4th-and-goal-2016-1 4th-and-goal-2016-2

Get ready for the Super Bowl in this football game, which is also known as the 4th and Goal! It’s undoubtedly a magnificent game for the fans of football. You have to avoid, bash and dash past the rival as you rushed to the end zone to score a touchdown for your group! Yet, you need to remember all the different power ups to use those to score touchdowns.

Call the plays, manage your players, and smash your rivals. This 2016 adaptation of the Fourth and Goal, which permits players to choose their own particular team colors. You can also choose the colors of your opponent teams.

You cal also try older versions of this excellent game:

 4. Linebacker Alley 2

linebacker-alley-2-1 linebacker-alley-2-2

Are you strong enough to rush to the end zone through the tight barrier of the linebackers? It will be required for you to utilize the flips, blockers, spin-moves and speed boosts to end up your goal of being a legendary Football player. It’s quite easy to upgrade your skills in the game, as you will receive a bonus amount in the bonus rounds.

 5. Superstar Football

superstar-football-1 superstar-football-2

There is golden opportunity to create a perfect team from scratch. You can get better players by purchasing, which will smoothen the way to the victory. Use both your keyboard and mouse to play Superstar Football. It is an addicting American football game which supports you building and customizing your particular team.

Check out the latest added features, such as new weather, extra fields or a whole new play!

 6. Botball

Botball game 2 - American Football Games Botball game 1 - American Football Games

This is a new way to play American football. It is a unique combination of American football, darts, and bot fights. Botball may look hard at first, but it is fun and an addicting game as you get hang of it.

 7. Zombie American Football

Zombie American Football 1 - American Football Games Zombie American Football 2 - American Football Games

In this game, you control a player with your arrow keys. Navigate him through angry zombies and make that award-winning touchdown! There are some power-ups to help you along the way.

Zombie American football is a great flash game, produced by ESPN.

 8. Quarterback Carnage

Quarterback Carnage 1 - American Football Games Quarterback Carnage 2 - American Football Games

Throw the football at the rival football players before they get too close and keep eliminating them one by one.

 9. Quarterback Challenge 2

Quarterback Challenge 2 b - American Football Games Quarterback Challenge 2 a - American Football Games

Quarterback Challenge 2 offers a three-dimensional viewpoint and advanced leveling. In each level, you will have 5 throws at your hands. Try hitting interactive targets to score points. Balloons and coins may give you an extra round.

The levels are designed to act as mini puzzles – your mission is to hit all the targets.

 10. Lateral Collateral 2

lateral-collateral-2-1 lateral-collateral-2-2

This is an incredibly addictive and highly fun football game. The rules to play is just similar to the football match. So, you need to pass the ball to your teammates and try to make the way to take the ball to the end zone to score the touchdown to win the game. It can be a source of great fun while you are passing your leisure.

 11. Football Rush

football-rush-1 football-rush-2

It’s another excellent game perfect for every football fan. Whether you have watched or played the football ever, you are gonna love this game. You need to dodge the rival players and bash and dash past the rivals’ while you are rushing to the end zone in order to score a touchdown to snatch the victory for your team.

Sometimes, it’s a tough challenge to win the game; however, this is what that makes the games more interesting and exciting. Do not forget the power-ups to make it easier to win the game.

 12. Superbowl Defender 2012

Superbowl-Defender-2012-1 Superbowl-Defender-2012-2

It’s the greatest game of all, and your part is the essential in this Super Bowl defender 2012.

Never forget that the defense wins the championships and on the other hand, the offense wins the matches. So, play your best in most of the important games of the season and show your rivals whose boss by winning the trophy.

 13. Drop Kick Champion

Drop-Kick-Champion-1 Drop-Kick-Champion-2

Though it’s an easy game, yet you might be addicted to this laid-back rugby drop goal game. You have to kick the ball through the goalposts to upgrade your levels. But, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as it seems. You have to face the defenders as they will be trying to block by jumping in front of you. Therefore, you have to try to kick at the time when the defender crouches down.
Put your step on the rugby pitch and be the next Jonny Wilkinson!

 14. Game of 3 Halves

game-of-3-halves-1 game-of-3-halves-2

Game of 3 Halves is a pretty exciting and challenging running rugby game. You will not face many obstacles to earn a score in this game. Check out the drop-down menu to pick your perfect team and also the rival team to start the race against time to score enough to win the trophy. Use your mouse to direct the ball carrier to make quick passes utilizing the space bar to avoid the tacklers. This game just exceeds the expectation of anyone due to being an incredibly addictive and fun game for people of all ages.

15. Man Mountains Tackling

man-mountains-tackling-1 man-mountains-tackling-2

One of the best tackles football games. It’s all about tackling within time. The beginning levels are pretty simple, just press the spacebar at the time you cross over the middle of a target, and later on, let it go at the moment your angle is completely right. As the levels increases, the game gets complicated with more and more tricks and techniques. So, make sure that you have read up all the rules of the games before proceeding to the next level!

 16. Scrambled Legs 2

scrambled-legs-2-1 scrambled-legs-2-2

All you need to do is – scrambling blitz bots to a great extent at the time you rush towards the end-zone in the sequel to Scrambled Legs. Play this fantastic American football game for free.

 17. Touchdown: American Football

touchdown-american-football-1 touchdown-american-football-2

This game is quite complicated, as here, it’s almost required to have some extraordinary skills to obtain the winning score. You have to play seriously to make your way to the end zone, as the opponent will play hard to take you down before you reach to the end-zone.

 18. Return Man 2: Mud Bowl game

return-man-2-mud-bow-game-1 return-man-2-mud-bow-game-2

In this online game, you will play the solid American football. Your aim will be reaching to the end zone as fast as possible. Your other team-mates will try harder to exclude the rivals consistently. If they can exclude the others, definitely it will easier for you to reach to the end zone faster. When you are rushing to the end of the field, remember to collect the gold coins. Then you will need to send your score to the game server to make the base of comparison with other players.

 19. Daffy Wide Receiver

Daffy-Wide-Receiver-1 Daffy-Wide-Receiver-2

In this world of American Football’s biggest games, you will play the game in the role of the cartoon legend headlong. So there will be no chance of surrender in the Daffy Wide Receiver game. Your task will be leading your team from the twenty-yard line and be driving down to the pitch to obtain maximum scores to claim the victory.

The general rules of football are applied here, and if you lose in four matches, the game will be over. You have to make it through the land where mines are hidden to add an extra challenge for you. So, you have to put your step much more carefully to avoid the mines and have to score the max to take Daffy into the record books in this very exciting and fast game. It is great American football game online for kids.

 20. Last Touchdown

last-touchdown-2 last-touchdown-1

This is a kind of exciting game where you have to help Kenny as he is quite late for the game. Assist him to have the last touchdown by evading objects and beating down all the bullies that deter him from his goal.

 21. Taz Football Frenzy

taz-football-frenzy-1 taz-football-frenzy-2

In this Tasmanian American Football game, you have to score a touchdown before anyone can stop you on your way. Sometimes, you may have to neutralize them by jumping on their heads or whirling after eating the hot-dog and getting powered-up. It’s a complete fun game with Taz playing.

 22. Kanga Kick

Kanga-Kick-1 Kanga-Kick-2

It’s quite simple, yet exciting game where you need to kick a goal to proceed to the next position around the field. But, once you miss a goal, you will get a strike. Once you get three strikes, the game will come to an end. So, best of luck.

 23. Football Running Back

Football-Running-Back-1 Football-Running-Back-2

Another enjoyable football game to play online. In this game, you need to use the mouse to direct your player. Press Z for sliding, X for jumping and running as fast as you can.

 24. Running Back Attack

running-back-attack-1 running-back-attack-2

It is considered as the gridiron game that all players can enjoy. In this free online football game, it’s possible to dodge an entire defense to reach to the end-zone. So, it’s easy for you to score the touchdown.

25. Retro Electro Football

coke-zero-retro-electro-football-1 coke-zero-retro-electro-football-2

Before playing this game, make sure that you clearly understand all the rules of this game. It may seem easy in the earlier levels, but truly it’s not as simple as you think. Firstly, you have to choose your players, and afterward, you have to check on which side you are going to play – the offensive or the defensive. When the game starts, you have to rock on. Depending on your direction your players will move and sometimes, you may feel that everything is just going wrong. You have to practice a lot to keep the track record of the champion at all times.

 26. First Down Football

first-down-football-1 first-down-football-2

It’s an extreme challenging yet most entertaining football game where you are going fight completely alone against an entire team of opponents. What do you think? Can you manage to win this game? At the start of the game, you will need to press the SPACE bar very fast to launch yourself from a larger distance. And this will aid you to proceed further levels. So, play this new game and earn enough points to gain the victory.

 27. The Big Hit

The-Big-Hit-1 The-Big-Hit-2

The only one goal you will have in this game is to – deliver incredibly sharp big-hitting tackles to the rivals to position your team to the top of the leaderboard. Play this free football game online right away!

 28. Two a Days

two-a-days-1 two-a-days-2

There is a subtle difference between American Football and this Two-A-Days game. You have to play the game in a fiendish obstacle course. Therefore, you will need to have complete skills and knowledge about football games. You need to be a master in jumping, dodging and running through the way. You will have to collect the life in order to keep up your energy as well.
It’s sure that when you reach the advanced level, you will be addicted to it, and it will keep you busy for a significant number of days.

 29. Ish  Sub

Ish-Sub-1 Ish-Sub-2

Ish Sub also a bit different from a real football game. You have to make use of the arrow keys to gather the icons on the pitch and to dodge the bots that will try to hunt you down. They will not come with great force and speed, yet they will strike you continuously. Therefore, you have to play the game being very cool.

Use the icons to make your way clear to the end zone and keep playing. You will get the benefit of the speed, and the SPACE bar will provide you with an added burst. So use all of your powers and resources wisely and keep trying to avoid the hit of the bots to win the trophy.

 30. Freaky Football

Freaky-Football-1 Freaky-Football-2

It’s almost like the regular American Football game where you need to score a touchdown to win the game. In Freaky Football game, you will find beans, which will provide you with energy while you will eat them. You have to keep yourself away from the bombs hidden in the field and will need to dodge the defensive players. As you will proceed to the higher levels, the numbers of the defensive players will also increase simultaneously.

 31. Table Rugby

Table-Rugby-1 Table-Rugby-2

An American Football game with a bit twist. Move your mouse to direct your players through the pitch. You have to gain the ownership of the players if you want to go ahead to the higher levels.

While playing the game, once you get the possessions of the team, you need to keep it and direct it towards the end-zone by eliminating some of your chosen players on your team and then deliver the decisive score. A single mouse click is all that is needed to start the game, yet it requires an enormous skill and a speedy finger to grab the victory.

 32. Rugby Challenge

rugby-challenge-1 rugby-challenge-2

It’s time to show your talents, strengths, and skills to face the challenge of the Rugby Challenge game. The game will start from the near end situation, and you will fall in great trouble to control the game. You have to take an attempt to alter the setup of the team to win the game, and this will be the ultimate live phase of the game. You will stand in such a situation that in spite of being close to the end, you can’t afford to lose the match at anyhow.  There will be terrible pressure on you. Can you afford to beat the challenge?

 33. Field Goal

Field-Goal-1 Field-Goal-2

Fix the direction of your kick by operating your mouse and start the power meter by clicking the mouse for once and there will be another click to hit the ball to its target. You are going to have only three chances to score goals through kicking the ball straight to the highlighted parts of the goal post. The game includes 30 levels altogether.

34. Quarterback Training

Quarterback-Training-1 Quarterback-Training-2

This game includes four stages, and the player will be provided with only 150 seconds to pass each stage. You need to hit as many targets as you can and complete as many passes to the receivers as possible to score points and win the game.

 35. Rugger Bugger

rugger-bugger-1 rugger-bugger-2

Your task in this American football flash game is – running as fast as possible to reach to the other side of the field by dodging the rival football players.

 36. Quarterback K.O.

 Quaterback KO game 1 300x238 - American Football GamesQuaterback KO game 2 300x238 - American Football Games

You play as a quarterback. Your mission is to safely pass the ball to your teammates. But beware as your opponents will try to perceive the ball. Yellow arrow player scores the highest points.

Are you a real American football fan? Are you stuck behind a desk and longing for some football time? Whether American football or rugby game is the thing that you are after, then your search mission ends here. Liberate the gaming spirit in you and invest some leisure time with these addicting games. Get ready and let the American football championship a chance to start!

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