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At you can find and play the latest rugby and American football games. Discover the football games which are mostly played by the other people. Find numerous sorts of free American football games, such as – rugby football games, NFL games, rugby kicking games and many other fantastic games related to this beautiful sport. Many of these games can be played on any device, tablet, phone, or computer. While you will play the games, you will feel like you are indeed involved in a real match and you will need to choose the strategies which you will use to bring victory for your team.

Are you ready to enter the rugby hall of glory? Get the ball and begin running, handling, kicking and tossing more than ever before! Score the winning touchdown and become a popular American football player star!

Football Wars (.io)
Football Wars Online is a fun American football game with simple and easy controls yet challenging gameplay. You will play against other players from around the world. Put on your football helmet and try to become the best football player! Control your player and try to score a touchdown at the rival end zone! You must avoid the other players that get in your way while tackling other players who have the ball. Win the race and claim your football trophy! Become the NFL superstar!            
Feel the American football spirit and play in this virtual stadium. It is an addicting game where you have to aim, kick, and score field goals. The ball can change in size and shape, so be careful. The better you aim, the bigger the score you get in this exciting field goal game.          
American Touchdown Game
American Touchdown is a fun 2d action game that can be played in a single or 2-player mode. The goal is simple: to score more touchdowns than the other contestant. Show your opponent, who is the real champion.              
Rugby Rush
Rugby Rush is a fun and exciting running game! You must carry the ball across the opponents’ goal line to score. Be fast and flexible, avoid the defenders, and rush to the end zone. Collect power-ups to become stronger.              
Rugby Ball Mayhem (Online)
This an excellent multiplayer game where you can play fast-paced football! The goal is clear – score a touchdown by managing your teammates. Lead your team to victory! Enter the arena and challenge the rival teams in a brutal battle. Takedown and tackle everyone in sight while moving forward. Avoid incoming tackles and save the ball at all costs. Easy controls and ranking system makes this game even more interesting.        
American Football Challenge
American Football is a very popular ball game in America. Act as a goalkeeper in this small American football game. Put on your gloves and try to catch all the balls. 10 different levels available.            
Running Back Dx
If you are an American football fan, don’t miss this fast running game. You need to use your brains to locate the most exposed part of the rival team’s defense and then advance through. Run around or go through defenders with smallest power. Your aim is to reach the end zone. Collect the Cokes along the way and pick power-ups to replenish your power. Good luck and enjoy this game.          
Touchdown Pro
You control the player on the pitch, who is trying to score a touchdown. But beware, everybody else seeks to stop you. Don’t be caught, achieve the touchdown, and keep running! Be the ultimate touchdown champion. Earn credits to unlock better, sturdy, and more powerful players. Master the slow-motion mode to observe the players in ‘matrix’ mode, before planning the next move and thrive for victory.            
Touchdown Rush
You have to score the winning touchdown to win this fast-paced sports game. Advance through the field and avoid rival team players to make it to the end zone. They are ready to knock you down anytime. Collect power-ups and bonuses to become more powerful and faster than ever! Dodge the opponents, sprint, and jump to score that winning goal.            
4th & Goal 2020
Get ready for the Super Bowl in this American football game. It is the latest 4th and Goal game from Tony Corbin! It’s undoubtedly an amazing game for all football fans. This version offers new plays like Red-Zone passes. You have to avoid the rival and dash through. Watch as your wide receivers get in the Endzone and score a touchdown for your team! Onside kicks, stats, and the Hall of Fame mode should keep you interested for a long time. Don’t forget to use various power ups to score even more touchdowns. 4th and Goal 2020 is great American football simulation game. Manage your team, control the players and smash your opposition.  
Foot Brain
How many touchdowns can you get with your player dodging zombies? Your goal is to run and score as many touchdowns as you can while dodging zombies. Use energy drinks to kill them and get all the medals making touchdowns. Fast and fun american football game with beautiful graphics for all ages.          
Quarterback Challenge 2
Who will be the all-star quarterback this year?
Quarterback Carnage
Throw the ball at the rival players who are trying to knock you out.
Zombie American Football
In this game, you will need to get through a horde of dangerous zombies!  
Botball is a strange combination of American football and darts. Your team consists of several robot players and you get to control one auto-bot in the team. Enjoy robot fight and lead your team to victory in this unique American football action game. Botball is a game like no other.
Return Man 2: Mud Bow game
In this online game, you will play the solid American football. Your aim will be reaching to the end zone as fast as possible. Your other team-mates will try harder to exclude the rivals consistently. If they can exclude the others, definitely it will easier for you to reach to the end zone faster. When you are rushing to the end of the field, remember to collect the gold coins. Then you will need to send your score to the game server to make the base of comparison with other players.      
Super Bowl Defender 2012
It’s the Super Bowl! You’re the final line of protection, and there’s speedy running back bearing down on the top zone! You’d better put in a large deal with, and Fast! Super Bowl Defender 2012 is a superior enjoyable, compelling and fast-paced American football simulation sport where you need to cease working backs from scoring touchdowns by getting in a BIG HIT! With an overhead, eagle-eye view, you both chase down your opponents or cease them head-on (relying on the level).
Quarterback Training
This game includes four stages, and the player will be provided with only 150 seconds to pass each stage. You need to hit as many targets as you can and complete as many passes to the receivers as possible to score points and win the game.
Rugby Challenge
It’s time to show your talents, strengths, and skills to face the challenge of the Rugby Challenge game. The game will start from the near end situation, and you will fall in great trouble to control the game. You have to take an attempt to alter the setup of the team to win the game, and this will be the ultimate live phase of the game. You will stand in such a situation that in spite of being close to the end, you can’t afford to lose the match at anyhow.  There will be terrible pressure on you. Can you afford to beat the challenge?
Table Rugby
An American Football game with a bit twist. Move your mouse to direct your players through the pitch. You have to gain the ownership of the players if you want to go ahead to the higher levels. While playing the game, once you get the possessions of the team, you need to keep it and direct it towards the end-zone by eliminating some of your chosen players on your team and then deliver the decisive score. A single mouse click is all that is needed to start the game, yet it requires an enormous skill and a speedy finger to grab the victory.
Freaky Football
It’s almost like the regular American Football game where you need to score a touchdown to win the game. In Freaky Football game, you will find beans, which will provide you with energy while you will eat them. You have to keep yourself away from the bombs hidden in the field and will need to dodge the defensive players. As you will proceed to the higher levels, the numbers of the defensive players will also increase simultaneously.
Game Of 3 Halves
Game of 3 Halves is a pretty exciting and challenging running rugby game. You will not face many obstacles to earn a score in this game. Check out the drop down menu to pick your perfect team and also the rival team to start the race against time to score enough to win the trophy. This game just exceeds the expectation of anyone due to being an incredibly addictive and fun game for people of all ages.
Superstar Football
There is golden opportunity to create a perfect team from scratch. You can get better players by purchasing, which will smoothen the way to the victory. Use both your keyboard and mouse to play Superstar Football. Superstar Football is a completely occupied American football game which supports you to build and customize your particular team. Check out the latest added features, such as new weather, extra fields or a whole new play!
4th and goal 2016
Get ready for the Super Bowl in this football game, which is also known as the 4th and Goal! It’s undoubtedly a magnificent game for the fans of football. You have to avoid, bash and dash past the rival as you rushed to the end zone to score a touchdown for your group! Yet, you need to remember all the different power ups to use those to score touchdowns. Call the plays, manage your players, and smash your rivals. This 2016 adaptation of the Fourth and Goal, which permits players to choose their own particular team colors. You can also choose the colors of your opponent teams.
It’s a quite amazing American Football flash game. All you need to accomplish in the game is to – make your way through the field into the final zone before anyone can tackle you. You will receive an extra life each time you will score three touchdowns.
Axis Football League
It’s another season in the Axis Football League, and you have the control in your hand of your most favorite team. So, just call the plays and fix up your own formations to use the best of your team while taking advantage of the limitation of the other teams. You can easily control your players with the arrow keys and use the mouse to lead your team to the victory. Can you be the best among all competitor players and take part in the hall of fame?
4th And Goal 2015
4th and Goal 2015 game

How To Play?

From 2021 year, most browsers no longer support Flash Player, so you won’t be able to run Flash content anymore on newly updated browsers. Newer American Football games use HTML5 so you can play them on any computer, tablet or a phone.

Select the game you like and begin playing a match or a cup. Try to maintain a strategic distance from tackles, make touchdowns, attempt to score tries and turn yourself into an expert rugby football player in the blink of an eye with our free American football games. Get yourself involved in the American football season. Whether you want to play as a celebrated master or obscure learner, the ball is in your grasp. Some of these games are truly ultra-realistic while others are more simplistic. Make a try to take your group to the championship and with the trophy.

A few of these online football games are simply basic ball kicking or running games with very simple missions while others are quite challenging. You have to keep away from tackles, score tries or conversions, make touchdowns and turn into an expert American football player.

You can be a real world athlete or not, but all it matters in our sports games is – fast fingers and short response times, to wind up a genius on the field. A special reward is – you won’t have to stress over blackouts or real injuries. These American football games online are exceptionally addictive, and you will want to play them again. You will wind up having a fabulous time playing them.

So check out our vast collection of free online American football games and just start playing.

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