How to play?

To play these American football flash games, you need to have a flash player installed on your computer. Select the game you like and begin playing a match or a cup.

Try to maintain a strategic distance from tackles, make touchdowns, attempt to score tries and turn yourself into an expert rugby football player in the blink of an eye with our free American football games. Get yourself involved in the American football season. Whether you want to play as a celebrated master or obscure learner, the ball is in your grasp. Some of these games are truly ultra-realistic while others are more simplistic. Make a try to take your group to the championship and with the trophy.

A few of these online football games are simply basic ball kicking or running games with very simple missions while others are quite challenging. You have to keep away from tackles, score tries or conversions, make touchdowns and turn into an expert American football player.

You can be a real world athlete or not, but all it matters in our sports games is – fast fingers and short response times, to wind up a genius on the field. A special reward is – you won’t have to stress over blackouts or real injuries. These American football games online are exceptionally addictive, and you will want to play them again. You will wind up having a fabulous time playing them.

So check out our vast collection of free online American football games and just start playing.

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